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Q1. What safety steps should you take when you are using polyols?
  A1. While using polyols, you should wear clean rubber gloves, goggles and clean water proofing clothes or new washed protecting clothes. You should replace gloves regularly. Your working shop should be well ventilated, equipments periodic inspected, kept clean. When the work is finished, it is necessary thoroughly to clean immediately.

Q2. Are polyols with toxicity?
  A2. In the formulation of blended polyols, there are additives with low concentration, ie catalyst etc. The polyols ingredients are with low toxicity.

Q3. If skin contacts polyols, how to handle?
  A3. If skin contacts polyols, please wash the skin with soap water. If pricking continues, go to medical care.

Q4. If eye contacts polyols, how to handle?
  A4. If eye contacts polyols, please wash the eye with water for a least 15 minutes, then go to medical care.

Q5. What are the packing sizes of polyols?
  A5. We offer our polyols in steel drums, 220Kg/drum.

Q6. What are the storage conditions of polyols?
  A6. Please store the polyols under dry and ventilated environments, avoiding being insulated and rained. Shelf life is 6 month.

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