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H468P Blended polyol

  Continuous panels
  H468P is a flame retardant blended polyol with HCFC-141b as blowing agent. H468P contains all chemicals except HCFC-141b. The foam made by H468P and MDI has fine cell structures and DIN4102 B2 grade flame retardant ability.
       Good flowing ability, homogeneous density distribution
       Fine cells, high closed cell content
       High compressive strength, good dimensional stability in both high and low temperature
       Short demould time
  Appearance                           Yellow transparent viscous liquid
  Viscosity                              cp, 25 Centigrade         2000-3500
  Special gravity                      g/ml, 20 Centigrade       1.1
Recommended formulation:
  H468P                                      pbw                         100
  HCFC-141b                           pbw                        22-26
  MDI                                         pbw                         145-150
Reaction characteristics (hand mixing, 20-22 Centigrade):
  Mixing time                           s                           9
  Cream time                            s                           5-15
  Gel time                               s                           50-80
  Tack free time                        s                           75-125
  FRD                                 Kg/m3                       30.0-35.0
Foam performance:
  Mould density                       Kg/m3                      37MIN
  Closed cell content                 %                            95MIN
  Initial K factor                    W/m.K                       0.020MAX
  Compressive strength               MPa                         0.16MIN
  Dimensional stability             
    70 Centigrade, 72hrs               %                          1.0MAX
    -30 Centigrade, 72hrs              %                          0.5MAX
  215Kg/drum, 1000Kg/drum or about 22MT/isotank
Storage and shelf life:
  Environment temperature is 10-25 Centigrade. Shelf life is 6 months.
Safety data:
  Please feel free to contact us for MSDS.

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