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H913C Blended polyol

  Refrigerator containers and refrigerator trucks
  H913C is designed for HFC-365mfc blowing system. H913C contains all chemicals except HFC-365mfc.
  Homogeneous density distribution
  Fine cells, good dimensional stability
  High compressive strength and high tensile strength
  Short demould time
  Viscosity                        cp, 25 Centigrade            3000
  OH number                      mgKOH/g                     390
  Special gravity                 g/ml, 20 Centigrade        1.09
Recommended formulation:
  H913C                           pbw                             100
  HFC-365mfc                     pbw                             26
  MDI                                 pbw                           136
Reaction characteristics (hand mixing, 21 Centigrade):
  Cream time                      s                              26-38
  Gel time                             s                               145-205
  FRD                                  Kg/m3                           29.0-35.0
(Actual results would vary depending on different conditions)
Foam performances:
  Mould density                      Kg/m3                          55.0
  Closed cell content                  %                               95
  Compressive strength          MPa                              0.36
  Tensile strength                       MPa                          0.33
  Shear strength                       MPa                          0.24
  Dimensional stability       
   -30 Centigrade, 72hrs                  %                                0.5
    70 Centigrade, 72hrs, 95%RH     %                                1.9
  215Kg/drum, 1000Kg/IBC or 22MT/isotank
Storage and shelf life:
  Environment temperature is 10-25 Centigrade. Shelf life is 6 months.
Safety data:
  Please feel free to contact us for MSDS.

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