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H480 Blended polyol (low ISO index)

  Refrigerators and freezers.
  H476 is designed for HCFC-141b blowing system. H476 can be used on both high and low pressure foaming machine.
  Low mould density
  Good dimensional stability
  Appearance                                                       Yellow viscous liquid
  Viscosity                         cp, 25 Centigrade        2500-4000
  OH number                     mgKOH/g                       340-420
  Special gravity                g/ml, 20 Centigrade         1.11
Recommended formulation:
  H476                             pbw                                   100
  HCFC-141b                   pbw                                   22-26
  MDI                               pbw                                 140-145
Reaction characteristics (hand mixing, 23-24 Centigrade):
  Cream time                    s                                        8-12
  Gel time                         s                                       60-80
  FRD                              Kg/m3                             23.0-26.0
Foam performances:
  Mould density                Kg/m3                               33.0
  Initial K factor                W/m.K                             0.0190
  Closed cell content         %                                    95MIN
  Compressive strength     KPa                               150MIN
  Dimensional stability      
    -30 Centigrade, 72hrs    %                                1.0MAX
  215Kg/drum, 1000Kg/IBC or 22MT/isotank
Storage and shelf life:
  Environment temperature is 10-25 Centigrade. Shelf life is 6 months.
Safety data:
  Please feel free to contact us for MSDS.

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