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Hongbaoli® Isopropanolamines

Keywords: MIPA, DIPA, TIPA ,DEIPA,etc.
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              MIPA  DIPA  TIPA  DEIPA
No. Product name Spec. CAS No. Application Application
1 Monoisopropanolamine 99% 78-96-6 Surfactant,pharmaceutical intermediates etc. Detail
2 Monoisopropanolamine 99% EG 78-96-6 Cleaner etc. Detail
3 Diisopropanolamine 99% 110-97-4 Pharmaceutical intermediates etc. Detail
4 Diisopropanolamine 90% 110-97-4 Gas treating etc. Detail
5 Diisopropanolamine 85% 110-97-4 Gas treating etc. Detail
6 Triisopropanolamine 98% 122-20-3 Rubber curing, textile additives etc. Detail
7 Triisopropanolamine 85% 122-20-3 Cement& concrete additives etc. Detail
8 Diethanolisopropanolamine 85% 6712-98-7 Cement& concrete additives etc. Detail
Packing: 190 to 215Kg/drum, 1000Kg/IBC, 20 to 23MT/isotank or as your order.
Storage & shelf life: Keep in well-ventilated place and free from exposure on sunshine & raining. Usually 12 to 24 months can be guaranteed respectively.
Port of loading: Nanjing, China or Shanghai China.

Lasted updated: August 22, 2007
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